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Elise > April 16, 2020 > Filed Under TV Series: "Killing Eve"

EW – Where do we find Villanelle in season 3? – When we pick up in [season] 3 is her trying to carry on with her life and trying to live a more normal life. It’s six months later. It wasn’t like in [season] 1 where we jumped into [season] 2 where we picked up from that moment. So time has passed and we see her trying to get on with things. A big theme for Villanelle is her trying to gauge some sense of control. She is a very free spirit and she always seems to be under the thumb of this higher entity, whoever that may be. She’s really trying to shake that off — and she wants to be in charge of her own destiny in a way.

With Villanelle, you’re in or you’re out. And she realized at the end of season 2 that Eve was out and shot her. Then again, if she truly wanted her dead, she could have peppered her with bullets. How is she now feeling about Eve? – [Laughs] Oh! That’s the fun of people watching the show! I think that relationship gets more complicated as each [season] goes on. So that’s not something I really liked to put a name on. And you’re right, she probably could have put a few more bullets in her but… then the show would be over! And it’s coming back! [Laughs]

Sandra mentioned after the season 2 finale that the writers were trying to figure out where the bullet may hit Eve. Is it important or even symbolic where the bullet entered her? – It’s symbolic in a way that when Eve stabbed Villanelle in series 1, for Villanelle, Eve was a part of her in some way. She has this marking that was from her and was now a part of her. I can’t speak for Sandra and her process with her character but… I think the biggest thing is that you’re faced with this constant reminder of your past and what it is that you’re dealing in the present. So I think it’s definitely symbolic.

Speaking in superlatives, how does season 3 feel different than season 1 or 2? – Ooooh…. There’s a lot of chaos. Thinking about Villanelle, there are moments within this [season] where we delve into our past and what that brings up for her and how that alters her is really, really interesting. So I actually think it’s a very transformative [season] for a lot of the characters.

Konstantin hinted to Villanelle about one of her family members being alive. How does that come into play this season — and is it time to go underneath the veneer of Villanelle again and learn a lot more about Oxana? – Yes, yes, yes. Her past definitely comes into play in a very, very big way. And I think it enables the audience to see her again in a different surrounding and kind of endearing and frightening. She’s faced with a lot of stuff. But we also had the director, Shannon Murphy who directed those episodes, who was just wonderful and really reminded me and ignited that fire in me that I found when I initially started playing Villanelle. She really encouraged the freedom to play around with things on set. So that part of her arc was particularly exciting for me to play.

Is that particular story line surprising, shocking, not what we’re expecting? – Oh, yeah. [Laughs] All of the above.

What’s a colorful scenario this season that you can tease? – Color is right. A huge setting of the [season] is Barcelona, where Villanelle now resides. So we get off to a really vibrant start to the [season]. Sean Perry, who came on as costume designer, is just fantastic and has really seen this playground for what it was and has just run with it in regards to Villanelle’s costumes the season.

Let’s talk about that first-look photo [featured in EW], in which you’re in a clown outfit next to a mystery man. – I was like, “Brilliant first look, guys! Of course it’s the first look!” [Laughs]

What can you say about that moment? Because we have 1,000 questions. – She is trying to find her own way and be in charge and make her own rules — and she finds herself having to prove that she’s ready and she’s capable. It just so happens that this is her disguise this time! That’s a crazy, crazy episode. I’ve got to say some of the kills this season are — can I say they’re great? I mean, there are some unexpected twists and turns within the kills themselves that viewers will enjoy.

Is that one of the more memorable kills of the season? – I think from a visual standpoint, it was. But not necessarily for her. And that’s all I’m going to say.

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