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InStyle – […] Comer, 27, has logged on to our Zoom call from vacation in the tropics, where the jungle humidity has added enviable volume to her hair. It’s a few days before Joe Biden will formally take the stage as the president-elect, and the actress has been monitoring the contentious election results from afar. Having escaped the U.K. before it went on lockdown due to a surge in the coronavirus, Comer says that in the prior five months she has had plenty of time to lounge around in so-called senior-citizen attire while at home with her family in Liverpool. To maintain her sanity, she would “go crazy” on her Pilates machine and binge-watch Netflix shows, including all three seasons of Ozark and the mindless game show Floor Is Lava. “If you want to consciously kill some of your own brain cells, I would advise this one,” she says.

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And yet quarantine hasn’t stopped her from having a Hollywood hot streak. She just finished shooting Ridley Scott’s historical epic The Last Duel with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in Dublin, while Free Guy, the gaming-versus-reality action/rom-com in which she stars opposite Ryan Reynolds, is slated to be released later this year. Her audition for the latter came the day after she had wrapped Season 2 of Killing Eve, the highly addictive BBC America drama that garnered her lead-actress statuettes at the BAFTAs and the Emmys for her portrayal of the stylish assassin Villanelle. (So demure is Comer that during her Emmy acceptance speech, she announced to the crowd that she had told her parents not to make the trek to L.A. because she didn’t think it was her time.) As a TV actress, Comer admits that crossing over into film was initially daunting, especially when it came to doing her own stunts for Free Guy. But then Reynolds passed on some invaluable advice that has resonated with her. “He said, ‘Don’t be scared to look stupid,’?” she recalls. “Try that thing that you may think, ‘Oh, is this going to be too much?’ Because sometimes it will be, and it’s fine, and sometimes you’ll find a genius moment that will inspire others to do something differently.

Comer presents herself as an ordinary girl who has been given the opportunity to do extraordinary things, a theme that has been a constant throughout her life. She was brought up in northwest England by a sports-massage therapist dad who tends to soccer players and a mom who works for a transport company. With no formal drama training, Comer honed her mimicry skills by impersonating stars on TV. “Me and my dad were always ad-libbing and doing accents,” she says. Ironically, she credits being dumped by her friends from their talent-show dance group when she was 12 as the reason she has any success at all. Comer had left on vacation with her parents when her school friends cut her from their Chicago-inspired routine. Though Comer was distraught, her mom persuaded her to perform a monologue written by a local playwright about the Hillsborough disaster, a fatal stampede at a 1989 soccer match where 96 people were killed at the contest instead. “Sometimes I would cry when I was introducing it,” says Comer. “My teacher was like, ‘Whatever you have there is amazing, but you need to learn to control it!’” After the performance, the teacher put her forward for her first professional role on BBC Radio, and not long after that she was racking up TV credits in cop shows and beyond.

Those kind of sliding-door moments stick in Comer’s brain. Like her kismet first encounter with Killing Eve creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge at the BAFTAs in 2017. Comer had been nominated for her role as Ivy Moxam in the crime drama Thirteen that year, although there was absolutely no doubt that the queen of the night was Waller-Bridge, who’d picked up her first BAFTA for her hit show Fleabag. Waller-Bridge walked into Comer’s hotel room while she was hosting an unofficial after-party. “I just declared my love for her,” says Comer. “That’s how we met initially. She had a much bigger, swisher hotel room, so everybody eventually moved there because there was more room for dancing.

Months later Comer auditioned for Killing Eve, which was created and initially written by Waller-Bridge. “And I was like, ‘Oh god!’ I thought back to everyone being drunk, and I was like, ‘Was that a help? Was that a hindrance?’” Comer gives an exaggerated wince. “Actually, I think it can be helpful sometimes, because you are not walking into a room where everyone’s arms are folded, waiting for you to give the performance of a lifetime. It took away the stress a little bit.

[…] As our Zoom interview comes to an end, talk turns back to Killing Eve’s upcoming fourth season. (Yes, it’s happening, people!) How does Comer think Villanelle would have survived quarantine?

Well, I imagine she would be in her apartment, in a complete mess,” she says. “Deliveries everywhere, trying to fill some sort of void. Or she would have gotten out to an exotic place. But probably, just like everybody else, she’d be in the house, on the sofa, in pajamas, crumbs all over her, with reality TV on.

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