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2017: England Is Mine
Original Release: July 2, 2017 (Edinburgh International Film Festival), August 4, 2017 (United Kingdom)
Genre: Biography, Drama, Music
Directed by: Mark Gill
Written by: Mark Gill, William Thacker
Produced by: Baldwin Li, Orian Williams
Production company: Honlodge Productions
Running Time: 94 minutes
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Young, introverted Steven Patrick Morrissey is a sullen, dissatisfied, and shy teen growing up in Manchester in the 1970s. Withdrawn and a loner, he goes out to listen to music at night and then submits letters and reviews to music newspapers. His father wants him to get a job, his mother wants him to follow his passion for writing, and Steven doesn’t quite know what he wants to do. His friend, artist Linder Sterling, inspires him to continue to write lyrics and urges him to start to perform, but she eventually moves to London. Forced to earn a living and fit in with society, Steven’s frustrations and setbacks continue to mount. Although he eventually writes some songs with guitarist Billy Duffy until Duffy breaks it off, and he tries his hand at singing and enjoys it, nothing substantially changes in his life, and Steven seems at the end of his rope. At the end of the film, guitarist Johnny Marr (with whom he would go on to form The Smiths) shows up on his doorstep in 1982.

Cast & Characters

Jack Lowden (Steven Morrissey), Jessica Brown Findlay (Linder Sterling), Laurie Kynaston (Johnny Marr), Adam Lawrence (Billy Duffy), Jodie Comer (Christine), Katherine Pearce (Anji Hardie), Peter McDonald (Peter Morrissey), Simone Kirby (Elizabeth Morrissey), Vivienne Bell (Jacqueline Morrissey), Graeme Hawley (Mr. Leonard)

Production Photos

Awards & Nominations

  2017: Edinburgh International Film Festival – Best Film

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