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NYT – Killer acting role leads to killer skin care? Not exactly, but both are true for Jodie Comer, who is known for her role as the sociopathic but charismatic assassin Villanelle on the darkly comic “Killing Eve,” just back for Season 3. These days, Ms. Comer, 27, is sheltering in place with her family in Liverpool, England, where she grew up. Hear what she’s putting on and also cooking up.

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Caffeine First
For me, it’s definitely coffee before anything. I treated myself to an espresso machine recently, and it’s changed my world. I read a little bit. Then at some point, I get up and wash my face and kind of do what I’d be doing anyway if I was going to a day’s work.

Getting Into Her Skin
When I was in high school, I literally used to baby wipe my face. I’m mortified to admit this. Through my late teens, I was a big makeup girl. I was born in Liverpool, and I don’t know if you know this, but the girls here and in Manchester and Essex too, we love our makeup. I mean the full get-up. So much effort goes into all that. I loved it — the eyes, the full face. That was definitely me. Skin care wasn’t something I thought about much until a friend introduced me to a facialist in London, Jasmina Vico. It was through Jasmina that I became educated about the importance of skin care and how it can signal what’s going on in your body. Like now, I recently changed my contraceptive, and my skin has gone crazy. I didn’t realize how much hormones can freak out. I’ve always had kind of good skin — I’m really lucky. Now, it’s like, Whoa! I know, I know, I’m trying to not be a drama queen. Being indoors so much more probably doesn’t help and disturbs everything a bit. I think there’s something to letting the sun be on skin.

The New Routine
Now I’m on a routine with a step-by-step with Noble Panacea products. The brand approached me, and I liked how the products complement one another. I particularly like the eye cream and the serum. I find the serum kind of great if you’re working out. I have oily combination skin, and I don’t want anything heavy on my skin when I work out, but I don’t want it feeling dry either. The serum hydrates just enough. And the moisturizer has such a gorgeous consistency. It feels like there’s a thin layer that continues to moisturize all day. I try to exfoliate once a week. I use the Clarisonic tool with the different brushes. I usually do that on Sunday.

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Allure — […] Growing up in Liverpool, Comer says it was a big deal to get dressed up with her friends. “I went through this period where I was just obsessed with makeup and I wore a ton of it, and then I suddenly realized how much I was wearing, and the fact that I was spending all this money,” she says. She also realized that she felt more comfortable when she wasn’t wearing makeup, and shifted her focus to skin- and self-care. But it’s not all or nothing for her. “I think now I’m just trying to be more comfortable with what I have rather than having to cover up,” she tells Allure. “But I do love putting makeup on for a night out.

Perhaps that’s why a partnership with Noble Panacea (her first) feels so natural to her. The brand, which was developed by a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, uses a new technology called Organic Molecular Vessels™ (OMVs™) that is said to “deliver active ingredients [in skin care] with extreme precision.” “I have to believe in it,” Comer says of her partnership, “and have to want to wear it myself and be proud of it. And I tried the products and just loved them.

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Noble Panacea offers two lines, Absolute and Brilliance, and Comer uses the Brilliance line. “I am obsessed with the Overnight Recharge Cream. What I love is that you know your skin is getting the hydration. You might wake up with a dry mouth, but your skin is glowing,” she says. In addition to loving on her skin with good products, Comer says she also drinks “lots of water. I think water is the key to everything.

You know who I’m just obsessed with? Meryl Streep,” Comer says. Though she’s talking about her beauty inspiration, she could be making a more general statement and it would ring just as true. “I mean, throughout her whole life…she’s so beautiful, and just in such a simple and pure way.

Speaking of obsessions, she has one you might relate to (in particular, she’s a fan of Glossier’s Boy Brow). When asked about her favorite products ever, she says, “My number one is eyebrow gel. I can’t live without it.” She’s so serious about it that she often does it herself, even on set. “I could have no makeup on, but if I fix my brows…or when I’m on set, the one thing I want to do myself is my eyebrows,” she tells Allure. This is almost a two-for-one answer, because she has a bit of a hack, so listen up: Whenever Comer finds herself without eyebrow gel, she uses hairspray on a mascara spooley brush and swipes it on. But she’s quick to warn, “This is, like, when it’s desperate times.

[…] Comer doesn’t play just one role on Killing Eve; she plays a different role, or three, almost every episode. Sure, she’s always playing Villanelle, but she’s playing Villanelle as a nurse, or an inmate, or a teacher, and with each new persona comes a new look. Her favorite? “I’ve always wanted to have red or auburn hair, and we had that kind of wig in season two when I was playing this schoolteacher. I was obsessed with that look,” she recalls.

While Villanelle’s hair and outfits change regularly, depending on what her job calls for, it’s not like she’s putting on a prosthetic nose and ears or doing a lot of contouring to blend in. “We always had this thing of like, she doesn’t have time to sit and do her makeup,” says Comer. “I think she’s busy, and she has her priorities in different places.

Sometimes you’ll see Villanelle fresh-faced and simple, sometimes made up, and other times you’ll see her with a cut or a bruise, which Comer says is when she feels the most in the role. “It’s like the moment you have to be sexy or attractive onscreen, I become so self-conscious. Whereas if I’ve got no makeup on and I’ve got a bruise on my face, I’m like, ‘Let’s go.’ You know? But that’s just me.